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South Lyon High School

1000 N. Lafayette 
South Lyon, MI  48178
Interim Principal - Jim Brennan
Assistant Principal - Matt Turney
Interim Asst Principal - Erica Hoffman
Main Office: 248-573-8150
Main Office Fax:  248-437-0233
COVID Reporting Line  : 248-573-8145


Mission Statement 

South Lyon High School will motivate, educate and support students by providing a variety of learning opportunities designed to prepare  them for lifelong challenges.

School Hours
1st Day of School:  7:20 am - 10:34 am
Full day:  7:20 am - 2:13 pm
Half days:  7:20 am - 10:34 am
Exam days:  7:20 am - 10:34 am

Our Staff
Interim Principal - Jim Brennan
Assistant Principal - Matt Turney
Interim Asst Principal - Erica Hoffman
Principal's Secretary - Carolyn Krueger
Data Processor - Angie Roush
Data Processor - Dana DeGrazia
Student Services - Jessica Trudeau
Athletic Director - Mike Teagan
Athletic Bookkeeper - Danielle Rhodes
Counselor (Last Names P-Z) - Stacy Glowacki
Counselor (Last Names H-O) - Emily Nelson
Counselor (Last Names A-G) - Bethany Wallace
Social Worker (Gen Ed) - Vacant
Social Worker (Spec Ed) - Michelle Brennan
Social Worker (CI) - Lana Horning
504 Coordinator (9th grade) - Michelle Pratt
504 Coordinator (10th-12th Grade - Michelle Lindsey
Hall Monitor - Carol Nonis

About South Lyon High School

  • Curriculum Guide.  Learn about our high school graduation requirements; read a description of all high school courses offered including our AP classes.
  • Graduation Requirements.  Transforming your goals into reality requires more than luck. Twenty-three credits are required for graduation.
  • Testing Out.  For the 1st semester of the 2021-22 school year.   Public Act 335, Section 21B of the state code requires that any high school student be offered the opportunity to test out of any course offered by his/her high school.  The application form is available by clicking on "Testing Out" above and is also available in Student Services.  Application deadline is May 21, 2021.
  • Library/Media Center.  The SLHS Media Center has a wide range of electronic, print, audio and visual resources.
  • Athletics.  Do you want to know when the next game or sport activity is?  Check out this link to see the schedule for all SLCS sports.
  • Clubs and Organizations.  Some of the clubs and organizations offered at SLHS include forensics, jazz ensemble, pit orchestra, Color Guard, and Science Olympiad. Click on this link for more information.
  • Transportation.  Do you need to find a bus schedule?  Are you interested in reading Transportation's Student Code of Conduct?  Would you like to learn additional information about SLCS Transportation Department?  

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All News

Beginning 02/08/2021

Please see below for the weeks during which the schedule is slightly revised for Secondary Schools/Students only.   (This does not apply to Elementary Schools/Students.)

 Week of March 29th:
NOTE:  NO BUSSES FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.  Students have the option of attending in-person (must provide their own transportation) or remotely this week, Monday-Thursday. 
Monday, March 29th = Class Blocks 1-3
Tuesday, March 30th = Class Blocks 4-6
Wednesday, March 31st = Class Blocks 1-3
Thursday, April 1st = Class Blocks 4-6
Friday, April 2nd = NO SCHOOL; Good Friday

Week of April 5th:    Spring Break - NO SCHOOL

Week of April 12th:
Spring Testing Week - Please click on the link for the week's schedule and details about testing week.

To order graduation caps/gowns and other related items,
please contact Jostens at:
                      Jostens Rep for SLHS