Welcome Packet

                                                          A Letter From the Director of Special Education

      I wish to introduce myself to you today so that you can get to know the person behind the title. My name is Sue Toth and I am the Director of Special Education for South Lyon Community Schools. I have been an employee of South Lyon Community Schools since the fall of 1992. My interest in serving students began at an early age when I was a student assistant in sixth grade. Back then I enjoyed working with young children and actually thought that grading papers was fun.
      When I began my career in South Lyon, I was the teacher in the elementary level program for the Emotionally Impaired. I enjoyed the challenges of finding ways to teach kids so they didn’t quite realize that they were learning. For the first ten years of my teaching career, I taught at the elementary level in both general and special education classrooms..
      In 2007, I transitioned to South Lyon East High School for the grand opening of the building. I never expected that I would love teaching children at the secondary level, but I did! I loved being able to learn alongside of my students and thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow and mature into adults.
      I entered into my current position in 2011. At that point in my life, I was ready to share my love of learning and excitement for teaching in a larger way. I wanted to lead our district into an even more inclusive and supportive place to learn and grow.
      Today, you could be faced with the challenge of learning that your child may have a disability. My message to you is that you couldn’t be in a better school district. You will find that you and your child are surrounded by people who care. The people who work in our district are here because they have a passion and purpose in their lives - educating and serving children. I expect that you will face challenges in raising your family - we all do, but I hope that you find that you are supported and that your school and community are ready to assist.
      I wish you and your family well, and if I can assist you in any way, please let me know.

Sue Toth, Director of Special Education