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District Technology Services 
Three Year Plan


The Technology Department has been a vital link in the integration and implementation of technology throughout the South Lyon Community Schools since 1995. The goal of the Technology Department is to provide technical support to technology users in the South Lyon School Community School District. Technical support provided includes hardware installation, hardware service and repair, equipment purchasing, hardware maintenance, software purchasing, software installation, and hardware troubleshooting. Advisory support is provided through software/hardware purchase recommendations, software testing, and hardware training. In addition, the department provides support for Internet services, email services, LAN, and WAN services.

In addition to computer technologies, the Technology Department also provides on-site support for all of the building telephone and fax services, distributed video services including satellite and cable television, and works closely with Oakland Schools to provide local access to training and instructional resources as a member of OS’ 2000 ONE network.

Our staff members, which include two technicians, a network administrator, and an office support member, provide support for nearly 3000 individual computer workstations, multiple network printers, 6500 individual users, over 600 pieces of software, and thirteen individual Local Area Networks (located within each building unit) that are linked together in the districts Wide Area Network. The 83 square miles encompassing the district are linked using hundreds of miles of district owned fiber optic cable.

Software and hardware purchases and installation are conducted as a part of each Subject Area Committee’s five-year master planning cycle. As a component of the district’s Strategic Plan, the Technology Department provides design and consultant services for not only the current school facilities, but also provides services to the various Growth and Building Committees for the design of technology resources for future facilities in the district.

The department sponsors a very successful school-to-work internship program during the summer months and after school as well as college works-study programs.

The full time members of the Technology Department include: