Welcome to Bartlett...

A Little About Bartlett...
Frank E. Bartlett Elementary School is one of eight elementary buildings within the South Lyon Community Schools district. Located in the city of South Lyon, Bartlett Elementary houses approximately 480 students in grades junior kindergarten through fifth grade. The staff at Bartlett is comprised of a variety of dedicated professionals including teachers, secretaries, building engineer, custodians, lunch staff, and food services workers. Bartlett has an appropriate balance of experienced and new teachers, all of whom are highly qualified. The staff also consists of a wide range of support services including 1.5 Reading Recovery/Intervention teachers, 2 resource room teachers, a Speech and Language Pathologist and 2 social workers. Together, this team works to create an optimal learning environment for all students. Through the implementation of the SLCS curriculum and best practices our goal is continual improvement that meets the needs of all our students.

Bartlett Elementary is a wonderful community where staff, students, and parents work collaboratively to continually grow and improve. We strive to make decisions based on what is best for our students and implement plans of action to positively impact student success. Engaging in continuous learning and striving for improved results characterizes the work done daily by all within the Bartlett Community.

Mission Statement
The mission of Bartlett Elementary is to build a culture where student ideas are valued and opportunities are provided for all students to engage in active learning.  We are committed to empowering students to become collaborative problem solvers, effective communicators and independent learners.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to create an optimal learning community that provides and promotes educational opportunities designed to meet the needs of all students.

Our Beliefs
At Bartlett Elementary, we value all of our students; critical thinking both interdependently and independently; a growth mindset to encourage life-long learning; and a collaborative relationship between home and school. 

School Improvement

Bartlett Elementary School is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). It is the mission of NCA to promote a system of education that enhances and fosters the love of learning, and prepares students to live and learn in an ever changing and diverse world. NCA challenges schools to be ready for all learners and press them to excellence.

School Improvement Goals
The North Central Accreditation model for school improvement planning requires schools to engage in a process of examining data, setting goals, planning strategies, and assessing the results of those strategies. These are the goals that Bartlett Elementary School chose to target:

Goal 1: All students will improve the use of relevant, accurate details, which show connections and insights that support a main idea in their writing. 
Goal 2: All students will improve the use of reading skills across the curriculum.
Goal 3: All students will improve the use of math problem-solving skills in a variety of contexts.