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South Lyon High School

1000 N. Lafayette 
South Lyon, MI  48178
Principal - Chad Scaling
Assistant Principal - Mitch Rosekrans
Assistant Principal - Jim Brennan
Main Office: 248-573-8150
Main Office Fax:  248-437-0233
Attendance: 248-573-8145


Mission Statement 

South Lyon High School will motivate, educate and support students by providing a variety of learning opportunities designed to prepare  them for lifelong challenges.

Summer Hours
Office hours are from Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We will be closed for lunch between 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

School Hours
1st Day of School:  7:20 am - 10:34 am
Full day:  7:20 am - 2:13 pm
Half days:  7:20 am - 10:34 am
Exam days:  7:20 am - 10:34 am

Our Staff
Principal - Chad Scaling
Assistant Principal - Jim Brennan
Assistant Principal - Mitch Rosekrans
Principal's Secretary - Carolyn Krueger
Data Processor - Angie Roush
Data Processor - Shannon Brown
Student Services - Jessica Trudeau
Athletic Director - Mike Teagan
Attendance Secretary - Toni Markin
Counselor - Amber Barber
Counselor - Stacy Glowacki
Counselor - Bethany Wallace

About South Lyon High School

  • Curriculum Guide.  Learn about our high school graduation requirements; read a description of all high school courses offered including our AP classes.
  • Graduation Requirements.  Transforming your goals into reality requires more than luck. Twenty-three credits are required for graduation.
  • Testing Out.  For the first semester of the 2019-20 school year.  Public Act 335, Section 21B of the state code requires that any high school student be offered the opportunity to test out of any course offered by his/her high school. This form is also available in Student Services.
  • Library/Media Center.  The SLHS Media Center has a wide range of electronic, print, audio and visual resources.
  • Athletics.  Do you want to know when the next game or sport activity is?  Check out this link to see the schedule for all SLCS sports.
  • Clubs and Organizations.  Some of the clubs and organizations offered at SLHS include forensics, jazz ensemble, pit orchestra, Color Guard, and Science Olympiad. Click on this link for more information.
  • Transportation.  Do you need to find a bus schedule?  Are you interested in reading Transportation's Student Code of Conduct?  Would you like to learn additional information about SLCS Transportation Department?  

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Please Note:
Prior to a student being permitted to go through the
August registration process:
1.  The student's parent/guardian must complete the
Online Registration process, and
2.  All book/materials owed must be returned or fines paid.
Online registration will be open after August 1, 2019.  Watch for notice posted here and sent via skylert for more specific information.

August Student Registration Schedule:
1.  Senior Registration:
      Tuesday, Aug. 20th   8-9:30am
2.  Junior Registration:
     Tuesday, Aug. 20th   10-11:30am
3.  Sophomore Registration:
      Wednesday, Aug. 21st    8-9:30am
4.  Freshman Orientation/Registration:
     Thursday, Aug. 22nd   8am-1:30pm
5.  Make-Up Registration - All grades:
      Friday, Aug. 23rd   9-11:00am

Please click on the link below for requirements for Senior Pictures in the Yearbook: