Schedule Changes: Drop and Add Information
In the spring, students had the responsibility to select appropriate courses for the coming school year. Students received recommendations from their classroom teachers, counselors, and parents before completing their program request. A master schedule was formed from these requests and every attempt was made to give each student the best schedule possible.

If the schedule you receive requires a change consistent with the reasons listed below, plan to attend on the assigned date to drop/add classes. If the student is unable to attend, a parent may come in the student’s place.

Reasons for Schedule Changes:

  • obvious errors or omissions of selected or required  courses
  • not having six classes each semester
  • correction due to failure of a course
  • completion of a summer school course
  • placement at Oakland Technical Center
  • placement in dual-enrollment
  • successful completion of the "Testing Out"  program
  • have not met pre-requisites for a class

Students requesting a schedule change should report to the Student Services office on the appropriate day and during the noted times at registration. Since it is important that we hold to this schedule, it may be necessary to re-arrange work or athletic schedules in order to take care of this task.

Please Note: Only teacher recommended changes will be made during the first week of school. Please make sure that you bring the signed copy of the schedule change permission form with you to Drop/Add.

Pay to Participate
As part of the 2016-2017 approved budget the district will be continuing with the pay-to-participate fees for middle school and high school sports. The pay to participate fee for sports is $175 for both high schools, and $85 for both middle schools. There is a family cap of $850 per year.

In addition, an annual one-time activity fee will be charged to cover other extra and co-curricular activities such as Robotics, Debate, Science Olympiad, Drama, Latin Club, NHS, etc. This fee is to be paid once each year, allowing students to participate in as many programs as they choose. This fee is $50 for high school.

Students participating in these activities must pay the fee at registration. Please bring a check or money order payable to South Lyon East High School. This check will cover all extra and co-curricular programs for the entire 2016-17 school year. Please fill-out the Pay to Participate form and return it with your check or money order during registration.

If you need additional information, or have questions about the programs requiring a fee, please feel free to contact the high school office at (248) 573-8700.

Curriculum Night
On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 beginning at 7:00 p.m., parents and guardians are invited to the school to meet their students' teachers and visit their classrooms. This is a great time to establish contact with your student's teachers and learn all about the school rules and course expectations. Schedules will be available in the high school Commons. For time purposes, please bring your students class schedule.

This year’s schedule is as follows - 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. - Classes begin, please be prompt!