Teachers at Sayre

Teachers at Sayre are well trained and use best practice as their guide to instruction. They are hard-working, intelligent, and informed in the latest educational ideas that will help children learn. Each year, our teachers log at least thirty hours each in professional training. Thirty hours of yearly staff meeting time allow teachers to learn new information, reflect on their practices, and dialogue with their colleagues to improve teaching and learning. Teachers are available to parents by phone, voice mail, and e-mail. We have an excellent blend of experienced and new teachers who collaborate with each other in a variety of teaming concepts that help children.

Sayre Elementary utilizes a variety of assessments to improve instructional delivery. Some of these are teacher generated, some are district generated, and others are State standardized tests.  Michigan's new online testing program, M-STEP, was successfully administered in the spring of 2015.  Each spring the M-STEP will be administered in the spring with results expected in the fall.