Sayre History

Sayre was built in 1960 on land donated by the Sayre family, who had farmed the land. At present, the school is an attractive facility that benefited from a five million dollar remodeling effort in 1999. All rooms were remodeled, and seven new classrooms, in addition to a gymnasium and media center, were added. A separate technology bond provided four computers for every classroom as well as a fast LAN and Internet access, which is strictly controlled for the safety of the students. Local video networking provides educational programming and production possibilities for students. A mini-lab in the media center houses 12 additional computers and an interactive whiteboard for student use. All K-5 classrooms also have interactive whiteboards, along with document cameras, which were funded mainly through PTO support.  Four carts of Google Chromebooks rotate among our classrooms for student use.  The media center overlooks a large, secure, tree-lined playground with six soccer fields, a baseball diamond, four outdoor basketball hoops, and well-maintained playground equipment.