Parents at Sayre

Parents are very interested in the education of their children and want to be involved at Sayre. Ninety-nine percent of our parents attended parent teacher conferences in the fall. Special events, such as music programs and Family Learning Night, are exceptionally well attended. Each month, we formally log over 400 hours of volunteer time in over twenty categories. A parent coordinator leads the volunteers in a program called CHEERS, which is also organized at the district level. The Sayre PTO is structured into nine Action Committees. Each year its members organize assemblies, school-wide projects, and family fun nights that are enjoyed by all.

Guidelines for decision making at Sayre are set by a Board of Education policy called the Shared Involvement Process. Important financial, organizational, and school policy issues are considered at monthly meetings composed of four parents, four teachers, one support staff, and the principal. The SIP committee makes a strong home to school connection.