School Improvement

Sayre Elementary school is accredited through AdvancED/NCA CASI. To earn accreditation, Sayre must continually meet the five AdvancED standards, which are derived from educational research and best practice; engage in a continuous process of improvement; and demonstrate quality assurance through internal and external review. More information about AdvancED and accreditation,. We encourage you to become familiar with our progress and goals by reading our School Improvement Report, which is available in our school office. Our core curriculum is aligned with the Michigan Department of Education’s Curriculum Framework. These standards and benchmarks are included in our South Lyon Community Schools curriculum guides, available in our school office and on the district website.

Our School Improvement goals are:

  • All students will be proficient in mathematical reasoning and fluency.
  • All students will be proficient in reading comprehension when engaged in both narrative and expository text (including topics within the science and social studies curricula).
  • All students will be proficient in writing (including topics within the science and social studies curricula).

Another area of focus for the members of the Sayre Elementary School Community is practice and review of the “Habits of Mind” (HoM). HoM are the thinking tools that people need in order to be successful in all aspects of our society. This includes at home when interacting with family, friends and neighbors; at work when completing a project; at school when facing learning challenges; and, in society in general. The HoM are:

  •  Persisting;
  • Managing impulsivity;
  • Listening to others with understanding and empathy;
  • Thinking flexibly;
  • Thinking about our thinking (metacognition);
  • Striving for accuracy and precision;
  • Questioning and posing problems;
  • Applying past knowledge to new situations;
  • Thinking and communicating with clarity and purpose;
  • Gathering data through all senses;
  • Creating, imagining, and innovating;
  • Responding with wonderment and awe;
  • Taking responsible risks;
  • Finding humor;
  • Thinking interdependently; and,
  • Learning continuously.

These sixteen life skills must be taught directly, modeled, and reinforced. The South Lyon Community Schools staff makes a conscious, well planned effort to do this throughout the curriculum and across grade levels. Sayre Elementary is only the first step in a systemic effort to prepare students for our ever changing society.