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Bloomfield Girls Robotic Tournament

Bloomfield Hills School hosted an offseason FIRST Robotics Competition for the girls on high school robotics teams this past Saturday afternoon. 
Thirty Two all female teams from across Michigan and a few from other areas traveled to participate.
Fans cheered for their teammates as robots went head to head in the arena. Drivers, operators, human players, and the pit crew had to be exclusively girls. Only the drive coach could be either male or female. 
Teh girls-only competition is a major stepping stone for those interested in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math). However, a typical FIRST team encompasses all types of careers, including marketing, accounting, press, media, etc., that you would find in real life. 
"This was fun", senior Anna Martin, who is looking for a career in engineering said. Sophomore Jacqueline Heisel drove the robot with a huge smile on her face, taking the team into quarter finals. Male students on the Flying Toaster team provided support and critical scouting information for the girls to use in planning and strategy inorder to win. Drive coach sophomore Zach Martin exclaimed "We performed very well". 
The Flying Toasters are now done with the 2019 season, with a record of 99-49-1, competing in 11 events.  Their next season begins January 4th, 2020 with Infinite Recharge, put on by Disney & Star Wars!

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