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South Lyon Community Schools is now providing online report cards for elementary students for the second and third marking periods through our Illuminate Data System. From now on, you will receive printed copies for marking period 1 (Fall Parent Teacher Conferences) and the end of year report card. If you do not have access to the internet, please contact your classroom teacher for a printed copy.

How to access report cards online:
1. Use your usual web browser to access the Illuminate Home Connection website:
2. When the screen appears, click Sign in with Google.  Do this no matter which browser you are using.
3. Enter your student’s Google login. It is the same login used by grade 2-5 students throughout the year.
4. You will now see the Google Sign On Screen.
5. If your student has used your computer to sign in to their school account before, you can just click their name then enter the password. If you do not see your student’s name, click Use another account and enter their user name (email address) and password from above.
6. Now click Continue to Portal.
7. Click Report Cards.
8. Locate the current marking period, MP2 or MP3 for the current year. Then click the DOWNLOAD symbol for this current marking period. (This example is for a fourth grader.)
9. This will generate a PDF version of your student’s report card that you can view on the screen or print as you would any other PDF file.
10. If you have multiple elementary school students, be sure to LOGOUT of your first student’s Google account before repeating these steps for your next student.
11. Please do not change your child’s Google password, as that will break the link to report card viewing.
12. If you are still having trouble seeing the report card, use the Google Form below. Someone will email or call you during school hours to help with this.