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STEP 3 - Electronically Upload Enrollment Forms and Documentation

We are experiencing technical difficulties with our Enrollment Document Upload website.  Our Technology Department is working to correct the problem.   Please try again later today or tomorrow.

Step 3
Uploading Enrollment Forms and Documentation

Use the Enrollment Document Submission Form below to electronically upload your completed enrollment forms and required documents from Steps 1 & 2.   Your forms will be submitted directly to the school office staff for enrollment processing.   It is strongly suggested to scan and upload all of your documents together as one PDF document, if at all possible.   If documents are uploaded separately, it may delay processing.

Android Phone - Directions for Scanning Documents from Google Drive
iPhone - Directions for Scanning Documents from Notes

You can fill out the electronic Enrollment Documents Submission Form below multiple times if you need to submit additional documentation from a previous document submission.

     (PLEASE READ)  - Click here for Sample Screenshots of the upload process

For questions or further information
on enrolling a new student into South Lyon Community Schools, please contact your school's office or email the Pupil Services office, at or