STEP 1 - Required Documentation

Step One
Gather Required Enrollment Documentation

The following documentation must be provided by the parent/guardian at the time of enrollment. 
Please gather the following documents and save them electronically to a computer or phone so that you can upload them electronically in the last step on this website (scanned documents or photos are acceptable).   It is strongly suggested to scan and upload all of your documents together as one PDF document, if at all possible.  If documents are uploaded separately, it may delay processing.  (Scroll to the bottom to go to the next step)

Required Documentation

1.  Identification – Photo I.D., such as a driver’s license, state I.D., or passport of the parent/guardian.

2.  Proof of Residency – Three current proofs; one from Column I and two from Column II, in the name and address of the parent/guardian. If your statements/bills are received online, the most recent statement/bill must be printed and a copy provided.

Column I
one (1) required

Mortgage Document

Property Tax Statement - (most recent)

Closing Papers—Accepted only if you’ve moved into your house within the past 30 days. Signed
by all parties with closing date indicated.

Lease – Apartment/Home Rental—All tenants' and occupants' names, including lease beginning/ending dates, must be on lease. Lease must be signed by both landlord and tenant.

Column II
two (2) required

Utility Bill – Gas, electric, phone, etc.

Vehicle insurance document

Homeowners/renters insurance document

Bank Statement

Cable TV Bill

Credit Card Statement

Medical bill or health insurance statement

3.  Certificate of Birth - A parent/guardian who seeks to enroll a child in the School District shall provide a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.

If a birth certificate is not available, the parent/guardian must complete the birth certificate affidavit form and submit the documentary evidence called for therein. If such verification is not received within thirty (30) days of enrollment or the document appears to be inaccurate or suspicious, the principal shall notify the local law enforcement agency that the student may be a missing child. (Michigan Missing Children’s Act, MCL380.1135.)

4.  Immunization Records - In order for a child to attend school, the Michigan Public Health code requires a parent/guardian to provide one of the following:

        1.  A valid, current immunization record
        2.  A medical doctor’s (MD/DO) signed State of Michigan Medical Contraindication Form
        3.  A current, certified State of Michigan Nonmedical Immunization Waiver Form issued by the local health department.  For more information, go to or contact Nurse on Call (NOC) at 1-800-848-5533. 

A valid, signed Disclosure of Immunization Information FERPA consent form should also be provided (in enrollment packet). 

Up-to-date immunization records are required by law for all students.  Any student whose parent/guardian fails to submit the required immunization information shall not be admitted into the school.

5.  Vision Screening (kindergarten/junior kindergarten only) - Proof of a vision screening is required before the start of kindergarten/junior kindergarten.

6.  Guardianship (If applicable) -If someone other than the parent is enrolling the student, legal guardianship documentation, obtained from the Probate Court, is required at the time of enrollment.

     -If custody has been established by the courts, a copy of the court order must be submitted.
     -Step parents must provide a copy of the marriage certificate.

In addition, secondary students should bring an unofficial transcript from their previous school to assist in scheduling.  An appointment will be made with a counselor to set up the student’s schedule.

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