The Counseling faculty at Millennium Middle School is made up of three school counselors; they work with students individually, in classrooms, or in groups. School counselors help students with concerns about personal and social adjustment, career planning and scheduling. School counselors work closely with administrators, teachers and parents guiding students mentally, emotionally and socially, while facilitating a safe, wholesome middle-school environment in which to live and learn.

Students are assigned to a middle school counselor by last name:

Diane Bardsley  - A-G Counselor 
Madison Kelly - H-O Counselor
Jason Gilders - P-Z counselor

Counselors (2021-22)

Need to speak with a Counselor?   Click HERE to request a meeting.

Quick Links:

Academic Tutor List - Local area tutor list provided by South Lyon Schools

MMS Curriculum Guide - Courses and offerings available at MMS

MMS Virtual Calming Room - A place for students to find tools, resources, and strategies for managing emotions and feelings

MMS Virtual Counseling Office - Contains links to information and resources

Useful Websites - Websites recommended by MMS Staff

Academic Request Links:

Online Course Request Form (21F)

Testing Out Request - High School

Testing Out Request - Middle School

MMS Groups:

The MMS Counseling Department offers learning opportunities through support groups to help meet the needs of our students.  Groups offer students an opportunity to share and discuss issues openly with peers that have similar concerns and life experiences.

Groups are conducted based on demand.  If you would like your child to be eligible to participate in a group, please complete the permission form linked below and return it to the Counseling Office.

MMS Group Permission Form

Community Resources:

  • Catholic Social Services: 800-971-9781
  • Child Abuse (Parent Hotline): 800-942-4357
  • Common Ground: 800-231-1127
  • H.A.V.E.N. (Domestic Violence): 800-334-1274
  • Oakland County Mental Health: 800-810-3772
  • Poison Control: 800-764-7761
  • Protective Service: 855-444-3911
  • South Lyon Community Schools: 248-573-8127

Mental Health Links:

If YOU or SOMEONE YOU KNOW is experiencing a Mental Health Emergency please call 911 

 Common Ground Resource & Crisis Helpline

Call/Text: 1-800-231-1127 

Online Chat:

OK2SAY: Michigan Student Safety Tip Line: 

Call: 8-555-OK2SAY (855-565-2729)

Text: 652729 (OK2SAY)


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call or Text: 988  

Our Program Helps Students

  • Feel accepted, important and recognized for their unique abilities.
  • Develop their aptitudes, abilities and interests.
  • Better understand their emotional and intellectual development.
  • Explore their potential for educational and career opportunities.
  • Adjust to, accept, and participate in a society of varying backgrounds, religions and ethnic groups.

Why Consult a Counselor

  • To review current educational progress and get help if needed.
  • To receive academic guidance.
  • To consider placement in specialized programs.
  • To obtain individual counseling about personal or family concerns.
  • To interpret test results.
  • To discuss class schedule.
  • To get advice on high school.

Counselors Also Provide These Services

  • Arrange parent conferences upon request.
  • Consult with faculty about individual student needs.
  • Provide orientation for new students.
  • Conduct small group counseling as needed.
  • Present middle school orientation for sixth grade students and compile data for appropriate placement.
  • Act as a liaison to support services.
  • Work with program planning and evaluation committees for each special education student.
  • Coordinate standardized testing program.

You can help your child do a better job if you …

  • KNOW your child's counselor.
  • ARE INFORMED about the school's guidance and counseling services.
  • ENCOURAGE your child to make use of guidance and counseling services.