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New Questions & Answers

  1. In 2010, there was discussion about closing an elementary school, which 
      ended up not occurring.  Just five years later, we need another elementary 
      school. Can you explain this? *

As a result of the Great Recession, as part of the options to cut $4 million the Board of 
Education looked at to balance the budget, the closing of an elementary school was 
discussed.  It was not done, since it would have required significant redistricting, it 
would have been costly to bring the school back on-line in the future, and we were 
thankfully able to find other budget solutions.   

Unknown, at the time, was that in two short years we would be moving to all day 
kindergarten. This took an additional 12 classrooms overnight (equivalent to ½ of an 
entire elementary school).  Also, in 2012 we started to grow significantly in student 
enrollment.  We have grown an additional 550 students in the last three years.  

  2. I heard that for the 2014-15 we had the largest kindergarten class ever.  
      Is this true? *

Yes.  We had 603 kindergarteners in our official count.  While it is difficult to say what 
our count will be next fall, we do know that we have 414 registered so far from 
kindergarten roundup for next year.  Last year at this time we only had 395 enrolled. 

  3. Is this the largest bond issue the District has asked for? *

No.  The prior two bond issues were larger.  Specifically, the voters approved a 
$98,850,000 bond in 2002 and also a $67,945,000 bond in 1999.

  4. It has been thirteen years since the last bond issue.  Shouldn’t the amount 
      of the bond be higher? *

The Board of Education and administration felt strongly that we did not want to ask 
the voters for a bond issue that would increase the tax rate.  While it is true that we 
had bond requests in excess of $80,000,000, we believe that the $64,400,000 bond 
request fully addresses the current needs of the District.  Also, this is not a small bond 
issue in scope.  There is a substantial amount of projects that touch all school buildings 
and all students.

  5. What will be the student capacity of the new elementary school? When do we 
      think we will need to add another elementary school? *

We would be building a four-section school (4 classrooms per grade) similar to 
Brummer, Kent Lake and Hardy.  We anticipate capacity at about 600 students.  
Future student enrollment can be hard to predict, so it is difficult to say when an 
additional elementary would be needed (the District already owns another elementary 
site), but we don’t believe another elementary school will be needed for some time.  

  6.  Are we putting in air conditioning because we are planning for year round 
       school? *

No, but there are always talks in Lansing about extending the school year and/or 
looking at year round schools.  If this were to occur, having air conditioning would 
be even more essential.