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GSRP (Free Preschool)

The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is Michigan’s state-funded preschool program for four year old children with factors that may place them at risk of educational failure.  The program is administered by the Michigan Department of Education. 

Research on preschool programs and specific research on GSRP indicates that children provided with a high-quality preschool experience show significant positive developmental differences when compared to children from the same backgrounds who did not attend a high-quality preschool program.

Students who turn five after December 1, 2021, are NOT eligible for Kindergarten or Junior Kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year. Students in this group may be eligible for the Great Start Readiness free preschool program, depending on your family’s income.

To be in a state-funded class a family must meet certain financial guidelines or must have at least two risk factors.  Families are accepted into this program based on their needs.  Not all qualifying families are guaranteed placement in a GSRP class.

 More information on eligibility can be found on the State of Michigan’s website at:

2021-2022 Income Eligibility Guidelines

Application Process

This year we will be using an electronic enrollment for GSRP.  Please click on the following link to complete an application: 

Existing Users:

New Users:

You will asked to upload the following documents:

1. A copy of your child's birth certificate
2. A copy of your child's updated immunization record 
3. A copy of your family's last month's pay stubs or other proof of income
4. If you receive assistance from DHS, please upload a copy of your assistance letter

Once we receive confirmation of your application, we will send you an email with additional information. Please email if you have questions about this process. 

Our Philosophy

Young children learn most effectively when they are engaged in an environment where teacher-child, child-child and child-environment interactions are all at high levels. Learning is an active process where knowledge is constructed as well as acquired.

The curriculum and instructional strategies are based on developmentally appropriate practice for young children. These strategies provide a balance of child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities, which enhance the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child.

The staff believe in a warm, nurturing environment that provides children physical and psychological safety. Teachers and parents working as a team provide the learning experiences and models which foster positive attitudes and dispositions toward learning.

GSRP recognizes the importance of a continuing evaluation system assessing and reviewing the progress, performance, and development of children, personnel, and overall program.  Our Michigan approved curriculum is the High Scope approach and the child assessment is the Child Observation Record (COR).


This is a completely free program for most families who qualify based on financial guidelines.  Families who qualify based on risk factors only are considered over-income and will pay a small fee based on their income.


This program is completely dependent on funding provided through the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).  We may receive full funding, partial funding, or no funding.  Children will be enrolled based on funding and the child’s eligibility for the program.


Classes are school-day, meeting from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  Classes meet for 30 weeks.

Parent involvement is an important part of our program. Parents are requested to volunteer in our program at least once a month.  Teachers can help parents find ways to contribute to the program if they are unable to be in the classroom due to work obligations.

Classes are taught by a certified teacher and an assistant. Classes are limited to 16 students.