Maintenance, Custodial, and Grounds Services

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The grounds crew is responsible for landscape, athletic field, and playground maintenance; snow and ice removal; and equipment maintenance. These responsibilities vary from season to season. Athletic fields must be watered, over seeded and fertilized during the summer, then groomed for play during the sports seasons.

Maintenance and Building Engineering
The District building engineers are responsible for routine and corrective maintenance, minor construction and various other projects. The building engineers are also responsible for maintaining utilities, including water, electricity, gas, heating and sanitary needs. The High School building engineers are certified as pool operators. Over 1,581,104 square feet of space in 15 different buildings is maintained by the district’s building engineers. 

Custodial Services
Each custodial employee is responsible for cleaning approximately 36,000 square feet of space. The custodian’s day begins after the school day has ended, when classrooms, hallways, restrooms, office space and other areas are cleaned in preparation for the next day. The work performed by custodians helps the district to provide a clean, attractive and safe learning environment for students and staff. 

Facilities Director: Rich Welch,  248-573-8920
Assistant Manager of Facilities and Grounds: Steve Peters,  248-573-8920
Assistant Custodial Manager: Jerry Carroll,  248-573-8920