Contract Guest/Substitute Position

All guest/substitute positions are employed through ESS/willSub. Please complete the online ESS/willSub enrollment process.

Guest Teacher

If you are interested in attending a Guest Teacher Orientation, please contact Kathy Goodenow at (248) 573-8140. 

Currently we are only accepting guest teacher applicants that meet one of the following criteria:

  • Has obtained a teaching certification from an accredited college or
  • Has obtained at least 60 semester college credit hours or an associate degree

Candidates must pay for fingerprinting (not required if done within the past 12 months at another district).

Guest Secretary
If you are interested in being a guest secretary, please contact Kathy Goodenow for further instructions at 248-573-8140.

Guest Para
Guest Para Educators need the ability to perform lifts and transfers of students and assist with personal care needs. If you are intersted in being a guest Para, please contact Kathy Goodenow for further instructions at 248-573-8140 or Amy Atwell at 248-573-8572.

Application process for ESS/willsub
South Lyon Community Schools partners with ESS/willSub to provide substitute staffing services. Please go to to fill out the on-line application. This is a 2 -part application, so please watch your email for the 2nd part. The 2nd part is released after packet 1 is completed and verified by ESS. Most of the communication is via email, please provide an email that you have access to.

  1. On the homescreen, click on 'start' to begin a new application , located under the red school house on the right side of your screen.
  2. Choose Michgian from the drop down. Achknowledge the information by clicking the box and click on 'submit'
  3. Once the first section is completed, a verification email will be sent to the email you listed
  4. You will have to click the link in the email to proceed. The verification email expires at midnight the day it is sent. Please check you junk mail if you did not receive one.

If you have any questions, please contact ESS/willSub at 1-877-855-7264.