Testing and Assessment

The primary purpose of the SLCS Student Assessment System is to promote continuous improvement of student learning. All assessments are aligned with the standards adopted by the State of Michigan School Board. Professionals use assessment results to make informed decisions regarding the improvement of programs, as well as to focus instruction, and document individual student progress. All district assessments are selected or developed by professional staff and belong to one of the following tiers of the assessment system:

Tier 1. Individual classroom formative and summative assessments.
Tier 2. Building-Wide Assessments aligned with AdvancED goals and the district curriculum.  
Tier 3. District-Wide Standards-Based Assessments in required and core areas and district purchased                       assessment tools such as NWEA MAP Growth. 
Tier 4. State-Wide Assessments.

The final tier of this system and the only one independent of our curriculum is that of the state assessments. Often district assessments developed for one tier can be used across other tiers.

The district maintains a comprehensive assessment calendar that allows teachers to pace their instructional year.  We provide the information on this calendar to the families of our students as well. Please select the link below to view the calendar.

Please contact the individual school for information relative to testing at that site.

Assessment Calendars 2023-24
Elementary 2023-24
Middle School 2023-24
High School 2023-24

NWEA MAP Growth Assessments
Developmental Reading Assessments (DRA)