Dolsen Mission:  
The Dolsen community is committed to developing 21st century learners that know how to take care of themselves, each other, our school and the world. We are devoted to providing the highest quality education, so that all students can excel as individuals and become leaders of their learning.

Dolsen Vision:
Dolsen Elementary strives to cultivate life-long learners who are able to communicate, collaborate, problem-solve, and think critically in all areas of life.  We are committed to developing the whole-child by immersing each student in experiences that develop empathetic individuals who are positive and contributing members of society. With the support of our community, we shall create a quality learning environment that provides and promotes diverse educational opportunities for all.  

Welcome to Dolsen Elementary School

Our school is located on Rice Street near the intersection of Grand River, Pontiac Trail and Milford Road, in New Hudson, Michigan.

Our school has undergone extensive remodeling over the years. We sport a separate gym and cafeteria, as well as a media center with a student computer lab. Each classroom has a teacher computer and three student computers that are Internet accessible, and provide instructional curricular software. The teacher computer is also hooked into a large screen television monitor, so that instructors may provide computer lessons to their whole class.

We have over 500 students in grades K-5. We have library, physical education, music and art in addition to our regular classroom curriculum. We have numerous support services, including resource room teachers, speech and language, Reading Recovery, Adopt A Reader volunteers and other services. Our staff is dedicated to providing a quality education for their students. All are very caring individuals toward all of our students. Our staff is fully certified and meet federal and State qualifications for providing student instruction. Children’s academic and social education come first at Dolsen. Our staff use their expertise to creatively deliver the South Lyon Community School core curriculum.

Our school is North Central Accredited. We encourage you to become familiar with our progress and goals, by reading our school improvement (SIP) report and annual reports, available in our school office. Our core curriculum is aligned with the Michigan Department of Education’s Curriculum Framework. These standards and benchmarks are included in our South Lyon Community Schools curriculum guides, available in our school office.

Dolsen Elementary utilizes a variety of assessments to improve instructional delivery. Some of these are teacher generated, some are district generated, and others are State standardized tests. We administer the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (M-Step) to our third, fourth and fifth graders in reading, math, writing and science.

Parents receive information about our school in numerous ways. Upcoming events and pertinent information are included in our parent newsletter The Dolsen Discovery. Parents may also learn about our school through this website. Teachers at Dolsen also provide classroom newsletters, containing more specific information to their classroom.

School Improvement Goals:

Dolsen Elementary School has embraced the AdvancED transitions accreditation plan as the central focus of our school improvement plan. Student assessment data is analyzed, and specific best practice teacher strategies are implemented with students where needed. Our building shared involvement team serves as this plan's steering committee. Our building shared involvement team includes support staff, teachers, parents, and administration.

Our carefully written mission and its supporting belief statements guide our building plan. Our performance goals are: (same as on current page.)

The plan is a work in progress, which we modify to align with AdvancED and our student needs. We hosted a successful Quality Assurance Review in the spring of 2011, where we earned full accreditation.

Focus Area: ReadingAll students will be proficient in reading comprehension when engaged in both narrative and expository text (including topics within the science and social studies curricula).

Focus Area: Writing: All students will be proficient in writing (including topics within the science and social studies curricula)..

Focus Area: Math: All students will be proficient in mathematical reasoning and fluency.

This plan is a work in progress, which we modify to align with NCA and our student needs. We have an NCA peer visiting team that provides feedback, and helps give us direction, for our school improvement.

Dolsen Belief Statements:

We believe…

  • We believe in cultivating learners who can be successful in the 21st century by teaching them how to communicate, collaborate, problem-solve, and think critically. 
  • We believe in pushing students’ thinking and communicating to them that their thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted.
  • We believe in supporting students in their development as lifelong learners by modeling and sharing our own lifelong learning habits.
  • We believe in educating the “whole-child” and teaching our students not only academic content and cognitive skills, but skills that support their social and emotional development.
  • We believe in teaching students how to be kind and compassionate and to have empathy for others.
  • We believe in molding students into caring individuals who thrive in a team-building environment and respect and value the opinions and backgrounds of others.
  • We believe in teaching students how to be persistent, independent, curious and creative in their learning, as well as how to persevere when things get tough.
  • We believe in encouraging students to develop their own voices and ideas and share them with others in an informed and confident way.  
  • We believe in teaching students how to be leaders of their learning by giving them opportunities to manage and lead their own learning. 
  • We believe all learners can achieve personal excellence and become contributing and productive members of society.
  • We believe in providing a safe and secure learning environment so all students can be successful in their learning.
  • We believe that it takes an entire community to raise and educate a child and our parents and community members are vital to this process.

School Hours

Full day 8:57 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
1st day 8:57 a.m. to 11:51 a.m.
Half days 8:57 a.m. to 11:51 a.m.