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Our Staff

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Ryan Knapp - Principal
Marie Seiter - Principal's Secretary Lisa Barton - Secretary  

Junior Kindergarten                                                         Kindergarten

Irene Settle Michele Anderson  
   Brooke Morse  
First Grade

Theresa Boynton Heather Wilson  
 Jamie Szymanski    
Second Grade

Angela Drolet Megan Rogers  
 Kelly Leja    
Third Grade

Sheri Brainard Megan Rogers  
Mary Smother    
Fourth Grade

Brad Todd Cheryl Pozniak  
Fifth Grade

Christine Pendleton April Meagher  
Sarah Prokop    

Kristen Gargaro - Art Leigh Goyings - Music  
Emily Jilg- Art  Aimee Ihara - Media Center  
Mike Brubaker - Physical Education    
Special Education

Luke Descavish - Resource Room Megan Gertley- Resource Room  
Student Services

Melissa Robinson - Reading Recovery Patricia Raines - Reading Recovery  
Jennifer Lubin- Reading Recovery Julie Peraino - Social Worker  
Beth Smith - Social Worker Val Zager - Social Worker  
Tamara Fulkerson - Restorative Practices Carol VanAsselt - Speech Therapist  
 - ESL  Jessica Clark- Speech Therapist  
Jocelyn Willis - Occupational Therapist    
Sarah Bullock - Building Healthy Para-Educator Cheryl Bass - Building Healthy Para-Educator