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SLHS Student in Invention Finals

Congratulations to Parker Frye!  Parker, who is in ninth grade at South Lyon High School, is a finalist in the Frito-Lay Variety Packs Dreamvention contest!  Parker, along with his brother Evan Frye and mom Jennifer Copland, are a team in the “family edition” of the contest, and are one of just five finalist teams. The top prize is $250,000, and the winner will be determined by online voting at  Parker came up with the invention idea, which is called “Sole Riders,” when he was in sixth grade at Millennium Middle School, and his family submitted it to the contest earlier this year.  Sole Riders is a specially designed shoe that has connectors built into the sole that can connect with roller skates, skis, jumping springs, stilts, snowshoes, mops, lawn aerators, and more.  People can vote every day from now until January 6, and can vote on every device and browser they have available. Each vote could enter you into a daily sweepstakes where you could win $1,000 from Frito-Lay. For additional information check out the family bio and video at or visit (and like) the family’s “Sole Riders” Facebook page.  And VOTE for SOLE RIDERS today!  And tomorrow, and the next day….Sole_2x11036640248 (1)