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Elementary Literacy Information

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, the legislation requires districts to create reading improvement plans in the fall for K-3 students who are considered to be at risk for not meeting grade level reading benchmarks. The reading improvement plans are mandated for grades K-3 by the law and families of qualifying students will be involved this fall in identifying specific strategies for use with their student as well as a read at home component. 
Fourth and fifth grade students who are struggling with reading will also have plans created in the fall although the legislation does not mandate this.
Since the state is mandating the reading improvement plans, there is not a need to develop local credentialing plans for struggling students in grades K-3.  If your child previously was on a credentialing plan, please know that a new credentialing plan will not be created for next year for students currently in grades K-4, even if your child would have qualified for one of these plans if the process continued.
The legislation also impacts our choice of literacy assessments.  One current reading assessment, the South Lyon Reading Assessment, will be replaced with the Northwest Evaluation Association, or NWEA, assessment.  We anticipate this change will reduce the overall instructional time spent on literacy assessments.
It is important to note that the 3rd grade retention component of the legislation impacts only the current kindergarten class, and all future kindergarten classes, not older students.  

All elementary classroom teachers will be participating in professional learning next year to support the continuous improvement of our literacy instruction.  
Please look for more information from the district in the fall regarding these changes.  
For more information about the law, please see the attached PowerPoint developed by Oakland Schools. 

3rd Grade Reading Law