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Spirit of South Lyon Community News

Spirit of South Lyon: February 2019

District News: In-District School of Choice
District News: MiSTEM Grant
Elementary News: Dolsen Elementary Dolphin Pods
Elementary News: Kent Lake Elementary's Star Leaders Program
Elementary News: Salem Elementary's Watch D.O.G.S. 

In-District School of Choice
In-District School of Choice applications for the 2019-2020 school year for grades K-5th will be emailed to all South Lyon Community Schools families on Friday, March 1st. Applications will also be available beginning March 1st at all elementary school building offices, at the South Lyon Schools’ Administration Building (345 South Warren) and on our website. Although the In-District School of Choice program is only available to elementary students, we will be emailing the information to all families for any middle school or high school families with in-coming elementary students.


  • Parents who would like their child(ren) to participate in the Schools of Choice Program must apply by completing an application form for each child.
  • Parents are responsible for providing transportation for students choosing to participate in School of Choice.
  • Every student who participates in the Program needs to re-apply and be accepted each year. However, we will reserve 25% of the available slots per grade, per school, for students who participated in the Program the previous year. If necessary, a random selection process will be utilized to identify these students.

An application should be completed only if you are interested in sending your child to an elementary school other than your attendance area school, which is determined by your address. To locate your school, you can use our interactive Boundary Maps available on our website or contact the SLCS Transportation Department at (248) 573-8900.

Completed applications must be returned by March 29th to:
South Lyon Community Schools Administration Building
Attention: Pupil Services
345 South Warren Street
South Lyon, MI  48178

The office phone number is (248) 573-8134.

You can also return the application to any of the elementary school offices. Applications are accepted on a first come-first served basis after the deadline. All applications received before the deadline are given equal attention.

South Lyon Community Schools Awarded $70,000 MiSTEM Advisory Council Grant

The Michigan Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (MiSTEM) Advisory Council awarded South Lyon Community Schools a grant worth $69,826 to support STEM initiatives in our district.

Created four years ago by the Michigan Legislature as a way to help Michigan become a leader in STEM education, this competitive grant makes $3 million available to schools, districts and ISDs around the state to support STEM initiatives in Michigan. These programs must be in the STEMworks database.

The funds awarded to SLCS will support the roll out of the district’s new elementary science curriculum, which is one of the database’s approved programs. The funds will go toward 2nd and 3rd grade student and teacher curricular resources, which includes new life, earth and physical science units and investigations.

A special thank you to our district K-12 Math and Science Curriculum Coordinator Dayna Britton, who wrote and applied for the grant. Learn more about the process on the Michigan Department of Education's website.

Salem Elementary's Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Program a Huge Success

Watch D.O.G.S. is a national organization that encourages dads to take a more active role in schools. Salem Elementary has adopted this program, and to-date, it has been a hit!

Dads, grandpas, uncles and important male role models of students at Salem are encouraged to spend one day in the school working with, modeling and supporting the learning of their children and their fellow students. Oftentimes, dads struggle to find the role they can play in the school and this provides a specific way for a dad to show he is invested, engaged and supporting the learning of his children.

Salem launched its Watch D.O.G.S. program this fall and has volunteers signed up for every Friday in the school year through June. At the beginning of January, Salem began accepting volunteers for Wednesday and have filled two out of every three Wednesdays for the school year. 

Mr. Cole with his sons at Salem Elementary.Mr. Cole (pictured with his sons, Marcus and Kurtis) was the Salem Watch D.O.G. on Friday, December 21st, 2018,  starting his day off working in Marcus's third grade classroom and ending his day in Kurtis’s fifth grade classroom. Mr. Cole spent the balance of his day working on reading and math with Kindergartners, as well as second and third graders. He also read to, listened to, and played literacy and math games with the students, had lunch with his boys and helped in the cafeteria.

Mr. Travis (pictured with his children, Mason and Anna) spent time traveling around the building working with Kindergarten through fifth grade students. After playing a math fluency game with first graders from Mrs. Szymanski’s class, Mr. Travis helped out in the cafeteria and enjoyed lunch with his own children.
Mr. Travis volunteered at Salem.
Thank you to all of the fantastic Watch D.O.G.S.! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Mr. Knapp at x8455  and/or our parent volunteer and chairperson ("Top DOG") Justin Morse at


Dolsen Elementary Dolphin Pods
Dolsen Elementary, in conjunction with the other South Lyon elementary schools, has launched a school-wide community and relationship initiative called “Dolphin Pods," building off the school mascot, the dolphin. In the wild, dolphins live in pods where they find success in numbers and learning to live and work together as a community. Dolsen has adopted this initiative mimicking the same kind of community students experience in the building.

Dolsen Elementary operates under a well established “Taking Care” initiative, where students and staff focus on taking care of themselves, each other and the school in order to be ready to learn. Building off those core values, students are now adding the following D.O.L.P.H.I.N.S. skills to their social-emotional tool belt:

Dolsen Dolphin Pods board.

Demonstrating kindness Organized
Leaders of our learning
Innovative thinkers
Needed in our community
Standing up for what is right

Students have been placed into a “pod” group encompassing students from all grade levels. For the duration of a student’s time at Dolsen, they will work with the same “pod” once a month. The purpose of the pod group is to form meaningful relationships with different students and teachers. In pods, students foster skills that change from month-to-month, with this year’s focus being on what it means to be a Dolsen Dolphin.

Students are recognized for demonstrating what it means to be a Dolsen Dolphin when they are awarded a D.O.L.P.H.I.N.S. slip where the desired behavior is demonstrated. Student slips are entered into a drawing for a trip to the “Pod Pride” celebration, where students from across the building can celebrate being a Dolsen Dolphin!

Kent Lake Elementary's Star Leaders Program
All Kent Lake Star Leaders participate in their monthly Constellation, which is a smaller focus group Madison Lukas and Carolina Mitchellcomprised of students from other classes.

January’s Star Leader Habit was “give it a try." Students had to try several ways to make a “hole” in a regular sized piece of paper in order to pass a human through it. With some flexible thinking they made it work!

Pictured to the right are Madison Lukas and Carolina Mitchell.