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Parental Advisory Committee

South Lyon Community Schools 
Special Education Department
Parent Advisory Committee

** The mission of the South Lyon Parent Advisory Committee is to welcome, support and educate families who have children with different abilities.  We collaborate within and beyond our school community to empower parents and others to advocate for all children to ensure the finest quality of educational programs and services through South Lyon Community Schools. **

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My name is Melissa Gury and I am the mother of a wonderful son who attends Brummer Elementary.  I grew up in Brighton, MI and have since spent time in East Lansing (at MSU… Go Green!) and Whitmore Lake, MI.  We moved to South Lyon just over 2 years ago and love it! I am the Laboratory Coordinator for the Sciences Division at Schoolcraft College.  I began attending Special Education Parent Meetings last year, and volunteered to be a Parent Liaison for Brummer.  In that role I am able to help other families find information that they need to help their children have the best learning experiences possible.  I am thrilled at the opportunity to be a Parent Advisory Committee representative, and can’t wait to jump in! 


My name is Kristine Atwell and I am a parent of three wonderful children; Tyler, 15, Cohen, 8, and Kenzie, 5.  I grew up in Mason, Ohio and married my high school sweetheart, Phil Atwell, in 2000.  We moved to Michigan in 2010 and have enjoyed seeing what all this beautiful state has to offer! My middle son, Cohen, has a rare disease called Sturge-Weber Syndrome and entered preschool at the Early Childhood Center in South Lyon Community Schools in 2010.  He followed the program there for two years and entered Kindergarten at Hardy Elementary in a general education classroom.  He has progressed nicely and has been able to receive some wonderful therapies and programs that are offered.  I have been very involved in all of my children's schooling and programs and love getting to know the other students and staff.  I became involved in a local PAC, as well as the Oakland County PAC in 2014, and have really enjoyed getting to know other parents of students with disabilities and staff of other school districts and have been able to come up with some great ideas for improvement and have made some great connections.  I have a passion for all students and interest in finding was for all children to learn and helping them reach their goals to the best of their ability.  I look forward to another great school year!