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District Technology Services


  • CISCO networking equipment 
    *  “end-to-end”
    *  Switches (10/100/1000)
    *  Routers
    *  Proxy
  • Gigabit fiber backbone between all buildings
  • Minimum of 12 strand multimode fiber strands to each building
  • Dedicated OC3 filtered access to Internet from all classrooms and offices
  • Each building on dedicated LAN within Wide Area Network
  • HP/COMPAQ LAN and WAN servers operating with Netware
  • Automated network Back-Up on multiple day schedule
  • SkyWard Student Information Data Base hosted by third party on secured, dedicated servers
  • Over 2900 PC workstations operating Microsoft Windows XP
  • Network services including email and server storage provided to all staff members
  • Ericcson phone switches
  • Cisco IP Phone system
  • Phone traffic distributed on fiber across Gigabit backbone
  • Emergency UPS and cellular phone backup in all buildings for use during power outage
  • Four-digit dialing district-wide in district
  • Every phone can dial out within immediate area codes
  • Every building on separate trunk line
  • Every building has one or more direct fax lines
  • Voicemail roll over on phones for all staff currently maintaining over 400 mailboxes
  • Voicemail accessible from outside district
  • Google email accounts provided to each employee.
  • Email accounts accessible both in and out of district
  • Email and phone directories provided to public
  • District information available through public access web site
  • Internal district owned video distribution system over fiber Gigabit backbone
  • 16 channels of redistributed content including satellite
  • 3 dedicated channels for distributed prerecorded video
  • Each building provided with individual distribution channel
  • Each building equipped for two-way video conferencing access
  • High School hosts full production video broadcast studio for distribution and instruction
  • Video professional development available throughout district
  • Video distribution of streaming and archived video content available at computer workstations.
  • Training provided via distributed video as well as hands on sessions at each building
  • Strong curriculum technology development program as part of five year curriculum planning cycle
  • In service available during release time, building meetings, summer workshops and on demand
  • Technical staff provides training on basic operating and skills only
  • Curriculum staff provides training on curriculum-technology integration, management, and assessment
  • Secondary research labs supervised by trained lab assistants
  • Staff member has network access from every teaching station
  • Technical staff headed by Technology Director with educational and technical back grounds
  • Network administered by a fulltime certified network administrator
  • Field technicians trained in specific and general technology disciplines
  • Internal Help desk administered by trained and experienced assistants
  • Full time Certified Technician responsible for software configuration and distribution
  • Full time Certified Technicians responsible for work and service orders on workstations
  • Part time Student Internship program utilizing High School and college students.