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Grading and Reporting

The SLCS Board of Education requires a grading system for use in the elementary and secondary grades that accurately reflects student achievement relative to the district’s curriculum. The progress of each pupil shall be measured periodically and reports of such progress shall be communicated to the parents or guardian at regular intervals. The report shall reflect the quality of a pupil's performance, relative to the grade level or course standards. Credits earned and course grade shall be based on the student’s demonstration of achievement.

Parents will be apprised of the student’s progress in the following ways:
  • At the elementary level, report cards are provided at the end of each nine week marking period but parents will be notified at the mid-marking period when a student is not making progress.
  • At the secondary level, progress reports are provided every six weeks and report cards at the end of each semester. Additionally, the progress of students at the middle school and high school levels will be communicated through the district’s online student progress reporting system and other means as determined by the teacher.
  • Parents who have concerns about their student’s progress are encouraged to contact the teacher directly.

In 2002, the district began shifting to standards based grading.  Standards based grading means that a student’s grade in a course or subject should directly reflect his or her level of mastery of the content, not the compliance level of the student to classroom rules, his or her participation, completion of incorrect work, or extra credit. 

To help with this shift, the district separately reports to parents and guardians on the student’s Habits of Mind mastery. 

At the elementary level, the key standards in reading, writing, and mathematics are reported individually for parents.  Science and Social Studies content mastery are reported by unit.  Mastery is not reported as letter grades but on a 4 category rubric:
  • 4- Exceeds mastery of the standard
  • 3- Meets level of mastery for the standard
  • 2- Approaching mastery of the standard
  • 1- Area of concern
Levels of content mastery are reported four times a year for elementary students.

Each middle school student’s report card will indicate a grade for that six week period. The middle schools use the 12-point system for all reporting purposes. Information about the 12-point grading system can be found in the middle school student handbooks or by contacting either middle school. 

Each high school student’s report card will indicate a grade point average for that six-week period.  South Lyon high schools utilize a standardized 4-point grading scale. Information about the 4-point grading system can be found in the high school student handbooks or by contacting either high school.