Many students who are strong academically are appropriately placed in a non-Magnet classroom and will continue to be successful and have their needs met in that placement. 

South Lyon Community Schools provides the Magnet Program to meet the needs of the small percentage (approximately 2%) of academically talented elementary students who are better served in a specialized program than in a general classroom.  This program is designed to challenge this small subset of students.  The students are held responsible for more depth and complexity of understanding while moving through the curriculum at an accelerated pace. 

The Magnet Program consists of two classrooms at Brummer Elementary School which contain third, fourth and fifth graders who come from throughout the school district. 

Magnet students receive English Language Arts instruction that follows the same units of study as non-Magnet classrooms but are enhanced with more complex texts, more challenging writing assignments, and additional projects. 

Students in the Magnet program receive compacted mathematics instruction, meaning that these students study third, fourth and fifth grade mathematics over only two years (grades 3 and 4), allowing for students to study sixth grade mathematics as fifth grade students.

Magnet students are mainstreamed with their non-Magnet peers at Brummer for science and social studies instruction.


Academically Talented