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Bartlett Staff

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For example, John Smith would be


Emily Testani, Principal

Kathy Goodenow, Principal's Secretary

Andra Potter, Secretary

Junior Kindergarten

Angela Ugo, Teacher


Nichole Abermanis

 Kirstie Newall

Suzanne Russell


First Grade

Emma Gaffney

 Kristi Frisk

Karen Hantz


Second Grade

Abilyn Cardelli

Michelle Lingaur

Erica Motyka


Third Grade

Claudia Aills

 Mary Walters

Renee Thompson


Fourth Grade

Beth Allor

 Katie Lowney



Fifth Grade

Cheri Hare 

 Lisa Peters

Barbara Kobe



Hannah Gerrish, Art

 Victoria Hoover, Art

Ali Jaafar, Physical Education

 Eric Williams, Physical Education

Jason Cooper, Music


Special Education

Amanda Amos, Resource Room


Lee Michna, Speech Therapist

  Alyse Nyquist, Special Education Social Worker

Student Services

Sue Ash, Reading Recovery

 Stephanie Marriott, Reading Recovery

Amy Forsyth, General Education Social Worker

 Andrea O'Keefe, Restorative Practices

Ginger Genord, Building Healthy Para-Educator

 Marianne Terpack, Building Healthy Para-Educator